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25. bis 28. September 2013

Are Central Planned State Economies Stronger in Developing Infrastructure than Decentralised Liberal Market Economies?
11th annual conference „Transport and Border”, in Kouvola, Finland and in St. Petersburg, Russia, organised by The International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T²M)
Organisation und Leitung der Sektion mit Beiträgen von Hans-Georg Thielepape: The Development of Infrastructure (Communication and Transport) using the Example of two Emerging BRIC Countries China and India; Richard Vahrenkamp: The Failures of Communist Logistics 1920–1990 und Ihor Zhaloba: The Problems in Developing Transport Infrastructure During the Transfer from a Planned to a Market Economy in Ukraine, sowie dem eigenen Beitrag: The Origin of the Internet – Pre-conditions for its development and why it happened in the US and not in the SU.


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